Tuesday, 22 May 2018

While I was gone (VI) Tour de Germany ....

sink laundry

Karl Lagerfeldesque bitch lip,LOL

Nope. Didn't get my smarts from there .....

Heaven on a bicycle

slippery paving stone ;-(

More heaven on a bicycle

get thee to a Nunnery !

... and even more bicycle heaven ;-)

heading North

no one ever said that Germans are a refined people ...

ferry time 

When Merkels said "We are going to use renewable energy sources" she MEANT it !

the destination: Norderney

Learning about Low & High Tide the hard way ....

early morning beach time

in poor taste !

Dame Edna & friends

The 6-month reunion

A true gentleman (OK, given the picture that sounds a bit odd, but ....)


Take flight !!!

getting cold feet ....

fresh fish ...

Human & Concrete

I had to come all the way to Luebeck to see a Gorgeous Train Station

ritzy beach (not for me )

Lubeck Bay

Peter and the Sea  (LOL)

Smoked mackerel.  OMG, SO YUMMY !

Heavy Metal

R2D2 made friends with my bicycle !

Concrete & Water (pretty picture, but I would HATE to live there)
German banks NO LONGER exchange currency !!!!
I've known this look for a loooong time ...

Dreaming of unicorns

Imagine the beauty without cars ....

Hairy House

There are actually Germans with imagination with creativity !

Heavenly Viet food at SOMA

How I missed this !

bicycle heaven

Kaiser Wilhelm posing

Imagine the beauty without factories and Autobahns ....

Wanna go HOME !

more empty looks

It will take longer to renovate this station than it took to build in the first place ;-(

How did they know ??

Being nice doesn't get you a free ride !