Thursday, 15 March 2018

Rape & Murder. It's just a shot away ... 50 years My Lai Massacre

Listen to THIS while you read.

50 years ago TODAY, the US Army "fought for freedom & democracy" by raping, shooting, and burning the population of My Lai in Central Vietnam.

It's much too depressing to write much about.

   Fortunately someone else did.

But while every nation with a half-way decent military seems to be dropping bombs on children in Syria, it becomes clear that nothing has changed.   50 years ago the excuse was to 'fight for freedom & democracy'.  Today the lame excuse is to 'combat terrorism'.   

THINK about that the next time your government is sending soldiers to kill children somewhere under whatever phony pretext ....

Friday, 9 March 2018

YES, there will be another proper post.... just not NOW .... bread crumbs ....

THIS TUNE is the required background music !

But we start in Sai Gon ;-)

But yes, that IS a propeller 

No worries.  Sino-Khmer maneuvers 

savoir vivre !

more maneuvering

The old man and the sea ...

Happy Year of the PIG, you WHITE-TRASH tourists !

La vie en rose ;-)

I deserve my sentence

Well Hello, New Day !

What can I say? LOL

There be Dragons !

Fire-Breathe away !

the way it should be 

Definitely NOT politically correct, but my favourite Rhodesian !

NOT biting

end of a Good day

Yes, I'm a tiny bit proud of this one ;-)

leaf or moth ?

Time to leave ...

Friday, 2 March 2018

Tempus fugit .... more pictorial bread crumbs ....

A quick pictorial recap of the last 3 weeks.  

 but I think I'm using it well ;-)

Half the pictures are of FOOD or restaurants.   
No wonder I've gained 10 pounds ....
Yet another fabulous stop on my Meet-and-drink-with-friends-around-the-globe tour

Yummy Viet food in a location where on expects it the least

deliriously happy to be freezing my ass off

sitting on the proper side of the train !

...ueber den Wolken ....

The Dark Side cometh ....

OMG, it's NOT raining in Vancouver !

My facial expression says it all

OMG!   THAT can't be an EXTRA CHIN !?!?

The Western Way:  PERFECT presentation of an old & stale piece of cake ;-(

what friends are for, LOL

a refreshing change of scenery & culture

LOL, Exactly one month ago I saw the same moon in RED from the same terrace ;-)

Finally back to weight-loss-food country